Hand In Paw Rescue



After a Valentine’s Day themed fundraiser through The Tree Kisser shop, we were able to donate $337.19 to Los Angeles based rescue group, Hand In Paw. In only one year of operation, Hand In Paw has already coordinated the rescue of more than 100 dogs! Between the shelter fees, medical exams, and food/toys during the foster period, rescuing animals is VERY expensive. These lives are saved only through donations.

Below are a few before/after photos of some of their lucky pups, but you can see many more on the Hand in Paw website or on their Facebook page!

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Toronto Pig Save



Thanks to sales from The Tree Kisser shop plus an extra donation from an anonymous supporter, we were able to donate $828.65 to Toronto Pig Save, an extraordinary group of brave volunteers who hold educational vigils outside Toronto slaughterhouses. While their primary activity when stationed at the stoplight right outside the slaughterhouse is to console and provide love to the pigs being transported to their deaths, volunteers also distribute literature and sometimes plant-based food samples to pedestrians and drivers of cars passing by. The courage and compassion possessed by TPS’ founders and volunteers are unwavering. This year, they plan to launch an advertising campaign across public transit and billboards that will encourage viewers to stop eating animals. I’m thrilled that our donations will be able to support this creative new venture. Below are some images from their vigils; to see more, please visit the Toronto Pig Save Facebook page.

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Animal Rescue Corps


On Jan 3, 2014, we were able to donate $376.40 to Animal Rescue Corps, an organization that performs large-scale animal rescue missions. ARC has saved tens of thousands of lives, most commonly from puppy mills, dog fighting rings, and hoarders.

Animal Rescue Corps’ first mission since our donation was “Operation Mending Hearts,” during which 73 dogs and 2 cats were removed from a hoarding case in Tenneesee. We couldn’t be more honored to know that our donation contributed to making that life-saving rescue mission possible. Below are some photos of the property from which the animals were confiscated, but you can see the full album from that mission on ARC’s Facebook album here.

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Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary


The first recipient of our support was Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary, a farm animal rescue organization in rural Colorado where, at the time (December 2013), sub-zero temperatures had recently caused substantial damage to their property. We had just launched the Love Infinitely Project Animal Fund, but we were able to contribute $180.00 towards this massive effort. Fortunately, there were many other individuals who stepped up, gave money or time, and helped the sanctuary heal. To learn more about this magical place, check out their website (and consider sending a donation of your own!).