Recap: March to July!

Hello! Unfortunately I’ve majorly dropped the ball on reporting about our recent fundraisers. If you’re someone who frequently checks in to see where your donations (or the donations generated by your purchases from The Tree Kisser) are going, that must be frustrating! In an attempt to catch up, here’s a brief summary of our impact over the past few months:

Animal Rescue Corps

On March 4, 2015, we were able to donate $863.00 to our friends at Animal Rescue Corps (ARC), an organization we’ve supported in the past. At the time, they were still working to cover the cost of Operation New Day, a rescue mission during which they saved 54 animals from a horrific hoarding situation in Kentucky. Below are a few images from that incredible rescue (video here). Following the rescue, all animals are sent to approved ARC placement partners to be loved and fostered until they find forever homes.



Rancho Relaxo

On April 2, we were able to send $987.30 to support Rancho Relaxo, an independent animal sanctuary in New Jersey. The couple that runs this organization is such an inspiration to all animal rescuers and advocates. They take in as many farmed animals as they can accommodate, and they foster rescue dogs on the property as well. Below are the faces of some of their incredibly fortunate residents! It’s so hard to pick a few to share, I definitely encourage you to check out their Facebook and Instagram pages for giggles!

11822362_575407935933806_8089391499151125266_n 11887844_576650769142856_5002601442720179520_n 11873515_576841222457144_2090175634366355325_n 11896214_577344109073522_6528219964475685150_n

Fix Long Beach

On May 4, we were able to donate $925.00 to Fix Long Beach, an organization that provides FREE spay/neuter (as well as low cost vaccines) to low income residents of Long Beach, CA. I am a big supporter and admirer of independent rescues that save companion animals from over-crowded, high-kill shelters. However, even though what these organizations do is incredibly valuable, I sadly know their work will never be done if spay/neuter is not more widely encouraged and available. Many dog and cat guardians simply don’t understand how overpopulated our shelters are, and even if they do, the expense of a surgery is often not something they can afford. Fix Long Beach has already made a visible dent (shelter kill rates are down, though still not down enough!) in the area, which is a huge accomplishment. The more donations they receive, the more animals they can fix, and the more kittens and puppies will not be born into a world where we can’t even accommodate the ones we already have. Below are a couple shots from their spay/neuter events!

10982805_727221134050464_8968562150025658974_o 10996282_768819926557251_8745286043001753206_o 11754490_777771225662121_8035681632519628859_o

St. Martin’s Animal Rescue

On June 2, we were able to send $389 to our friends at St. Martin’s Animal Rescue. This non-profit is run entirely by one tireless, dedicated, phenomenal woman, Susan Brugato. She operates primarily out of her home, taking in sick and elderly pets who, without her intervention, likely wouldn’t survive the shelter system. She takes the tough cases, the ones many other rescues are afraid to take on. Below are some lucky dogs who owe their lives to Susan.

15524_737225626376594_7532945295107679964_n 11377370_761670620598761_2619880143436171755_n 11401041_768374286595061_8607957583519023935_n

Stray Cat Alliance

On July 16, we were able to donate $1012.00 to Stray Cat Alliance, an organization that works all angles to help unwanted and unloved cats across the country. Society certainly treats cats with much less respect than dogs, which results in higher shelter kill rates for forgotten felines. Between their adoption programs, their spay/neuter support, and their TNR (trap, neuter, return) advocacy and community assistance, Stray Cat Alliance works to reduce shelter killing and protect the lives of stray and feral outdoor cats. Below is a before/after of Grace, just one of thousands of cats saved and healed by these heroes!


That about catches us up! Check in at the end of August to read about our fundraiser for the new Pet Adoption Center of Orange County.


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