Pet Adoption Center of Orange County

This summer, we hosted an extra long (6 weeks) fundraiser for the new Pet Adoption Center of Orange County. By the end of August, we were able to donate a total of $2554.40 to this incredible project! For years, we’ve seen and heard stories about the Orange County animal shelter. It’s underfunded, outdated, and often completely full. Despite efforts from all the local independent rescue groups, too many animals are still dying there.


An example of the Orange County animal shelter’s rust-eaten outdoor kennels.

Fortunately, many of these animals will now have a second chance at life through the Pet Adoption Center of OC! This new consumer-friendly building will house animals that have been taken from the OC shelter and give them a much better chance of finding a forever home. Many people are understandably afraid to visit the OC shelter (I’ve been three times and each visit breaks my heart), but this new center will be quite the opposite! Visitors and potential adopters will love meeting these pets in a comfortable environment run by compassionate animal advocates.


An example of the suite style you may find at the Pet Adoption Center of Orange County (actual photo taken from Jet Pet Resort)

The building is still undergoing remodeling to get ready for its furry residents, but you can keep up with the organization’s progress on their Facebook page here!



Images from the construction of the new center.


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