Mercy For Animals

In September 2014, we raised $825.23 for Mercy For Animals, once of the nation’s leading farm animal advocacy organizations! MFA’s undercover investigations, corporate outreach programs, social media campaigns, and other creative forms of activism have contributed significantly to our society’s understanding and increasing rejection of factory farming conditions. They are repeatedly making headlines and appearing on national and local news networks to expose cruelty within the animal agriculture industry. To get a sense of their 2013 accomplishments, please check out this video:

In addition to their groundbreaking investigatory work, MFA also promotes cruelty-free eating through their website They provide an abundance of ideas and resources for compassionate consumers who want to make a progressive change in their diets.

I’ve long admired the heroes at MFA, so I’m thrilled to be able to contribute to their success!


Animal Aid Unlimited


On April 19, thanks to sales from The Tree Kisser shop and generous donations from other supporters, we were able to send $1500 to Animal Aid Unlimited, an animal rescue organization in Udaipur, India. Animal Aid Unlimited was founded 15 years ago by an American family that saw a massive need for help. In Udaipur, it is common for dogs, donkeys, cows, and other animals to run loose in the street, a cultural norm that sadly doesn’t mesh well with increasing automobile traffic. Because of this, many of the animals taken in by Animal Aid have severe injuries from being hit or run over by cars.


Since their creation, Animal Aid has saved tens of thousands of animals who otherwise would most likely have died slow, painful deaths. We are so honored to be able to support their vital work. Please take a moment to check out their fantastic organization on their website or on Facebook!